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Start-ups, growing businesses and hubs that transform their societies in Sub-Saharan Africa


Project Involvement: Supporting Our Entrepreneurs

Since 2015 we have been developing and implementing innovative, impact focussed solutions to drive entrepreneurship across Africa, supporting entrepreneurs in projects, programs & multi-stakeholder partnerships. Throughout our work, we encourage African talent to take their first steps into entrepreneurship through to sustainable and scalable businesses.

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Consulting Services: Contributing To Lasting Impacts

We make an impact, not just in our programs, but also as consultants. We are continuously supporting key players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to bring change, initiate and realise high-quality programs. We offer our creative skills, expertise and passion through our services, contributing to lasting and sustainable impacts.

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Partnerships: The Beating Heart Of Our Work

Forming effective and synergistic partnerships is what we do. We can not achieve our impact by going at it alone. We are engaged in numerous partnerships with educational institutions, private sector companies, social enterprises and public agencies.

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Highlighted Projects

2Scale Crowdfunding: Scaling-Up Agri-SMEs Through PPPs

Boost your Business: Inspiring the Circular Economy in Mombasa

Food Connection Challenge Nigeria: Innovative Solutions to PHLs

Ganacsi4Change: Community Training & Entrepreneurship Development

The Next Economy: Empowering African Youth Making It Work

Ascend Social Return Fund: Empowering Women Agri-Entrepreneurs

Turning Waste Into Opportunity: Waste Management Innovation

New Business Challenge: Enabling Sustainable Business Opportunities




09 — 16

Waendeleze: Women entrepreneurs in the Tanzanian agri-business sector

Youth and Female Entrepreneurship Burkina Faso

Gum Works: Business Acumen Training for Gum Arabic Smallholder Farmers in Sudan

Jumpstart: Entrepreneurship training for marginalised communities in South Sudan

Increased Potato Value Chain Efficiency in the Great Lakes Region

PPP: Service Training and Innovation Centres

Disability Inclusive Procurement

Our Future


By 2030 we envision ourselves as the leading experts in innovative early-stage financing solutions, supporting our global partners in entrepreneurship development through business services and monitoring; designing impactful multi-million dollar entrepreneurship programs and co-creating public private partnerships for sustainable development. Our networks of thousands of entrepreneurs will be transforming their societies by taking leading roles in business networks, and are influential in government and politics, striving for social impact in their respective communities.

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We have developed areas of expertise which are key to achieving our goals. Nevertheless, achieving impact at scale requires us to work with influential partners with a diverse set of skills and expertise across sectors and geographies. We partner with NGOs, corporates and governments.

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