What we do


We offer our services as program managers and consultants to entrepreneurs,
entrepreneurship support organisations, governments and NGOs, from direct support
to business owners to programmatic work that creates self-employment
for thousands of entrepreneurs.


Creative Concepts For Enterprise Development

We are creative concept developers for enterprise support organisations and businesses that seek innovative solutions to business problems. We aim to attract a young generation of entrepreneurs or look for ways to partner with complementary organisations to work on the sustainable development goals.


Public Private Development Partnerships

Reaching the SDGs at a local level requires strategic partnerships between stakeholders in supply and value chains. We convene the right partners, develop partnership projects and agreements and provide advice on implementation, monitoring and evaluation and sustaining the partnership’s results.

PPP Square

Partnership Brokering

Multi-stakeholder collaboration is critical if we are to create a more inclusive and sustainable world. We support and strengthen partnerships through innovative and skilled management of collaborative processes.

Fin Serv

Design & Management of Financial Services

Access to finance is a fundamental pillar for the empowerment and growth of entrepreneurs and SMEs. We have an innovative and creative approach to the design and management of financial services and instruments.


Entrepreneurship Program Development

We design, develop and implement multi-million dollar entrepreneurship programs, support entrepreneurs with business monitoring & learning and build the capacity of entrepreneurship support organisations to support entrepreneurs.


Proposal Development

We write subsidy or financing proposals for businesses and NGOs, mainly for the development of sustainable innovation projects in which we become a partner or consultant.


We work in distinct sectors and focus on specific themes


Agricultural Development

The importance of the agricultural sector in African countries cannot be understated. Both in terms of economic opportunity and food security, it is imperative that the full potential in the agricultural sector is unlocked. Agri-business involves all agricultural business activities from production to consumption, including the supply of agricultural inputs as well as the processing and distribution of agricultural products. In developing countries and emerging economies, agribusinesses are key generators of employment and income. The development of small and medium enterprises (SME) emerges as a key instrument in poverty reduction efforts, as it is a major source of employment.


Circular Economy Innovations

There is a paradigm shift towards a circular economy on the African continent, addressing the mounting resource-related challenges for business and economies, generating growth, creating jobs and reducing environmental impact. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design, keeping products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times. The call for a new economic model based on systems-thinking grows louder, where an unprecedented favourable alignment of technological and social factors can enable the transition to a circular economy. On the African continent there are opportunities for transition in sectors such as electricity, agriculture, urban infrastructure, plastics, manufacturing and textiles.


Development Public Private Partnerships

Global issues such as hunger, food security and clean water are highly complex and manifest on massive scales. Combined with the often unpredictability of global and local forces, such as climate change and shifting geopolitics., these issues transcend the ability of governments, companies, NGO’s, however willing and ambitious they are. Partnerships are needed to address these complex societal issues in challenging places. They are expected to pioneer innovative approaches, align diverging interests, influence the rules of the game, leverage actor’s strengths and be inclusive. Moreover, they deal with high expectations from donors and influential stakeholders.



Entrepreneurs can help drive change with innovation, where new and improved products enable new markets to develop. It has the ability to improve standards of living and create wealth. Furthermore, the products and services can stimulate related businesses or sectors that need to support the new venture, furthering economic development. Additionally, increased employment and higher earnings contribute to better national income through taxation and higher government spending. Those entrepreneurs that aim to transform society can offer unique goods and services that improve the quality of life and care for people and the planet.


Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are the sum of stakeholders and parties that shape opportunities, resources and framework within which entrepreneurs operate. These can include hubs, financial service providers, chambers of commerce, corporations, legislation, government agencies, universities and more. This variety of actors is necessary to create a flourishing environment for entrepreneurs.


Access to Finance

Access to Finance is the availability and affordability of financial services for individuals and businesses. Without access to external finance, individuals and businesses cannot realize their full potential. Evidence shows that it benefits the economy by accelerating economic growth, intensifying competition and boosting the demand for labour. A lack of financial access limits the range of services and credits for households and enterprises. In facilitating access to finance, we promote the notion of appropriate finance - recognising the diversity of entrepreneurs’ profiles and their specific financial journeys within their local ecosystems of financiers.

Where We Work

We work across the African continent

We aim for pan-African impact, but take a bottom-up approach in markets with potential for entrepreneurs and development partnerships. We work in fragile states and emerging economies. Discover where we exactly we make an impact:

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