Bali Mataan, Somaliland Somali (IDP) Refugees

Community-Based Training and Entrepreneurship Development for Internally Displaced Persons in Bali Mataan

Ganacsi4Change is a tailor made entrepreneurship program, co-designed by Crosswise Works and AAHI for implementation by Warsan Relief Organisation. It is a 10-lesson entrepreneurship curriculum that has been developed specifically for the internally displaced persons community in Bali Mataan, Somaliland. The curriculum is highly interactive and visual, ensuring a thorough absorption of new skills and knowledge among a (semi) illiterate target group. It targets existing small business owners, with the content of the training designed to strengthen and grow businesses that operate in a rural area with limited outside connections. CWW trains Warsan to manage and roll out the program in Bali Mataan.


The Main Activities

The Challenge

The community of internally displaced persons in Bali Matan is facing a range of challenges in their environment. Through displacement in Somaliland, this community has limited economic and social securities and are facing high levels of illiteracy. Many of the services provided by NGOs in the community are targeting primary needs (sanitation, child education), whilst a large opportunity for empowerment and self-reliance lies in the promotion of entrepreneurship.

The Opportunity

Warsan will train multiple groups of community members to grow their businesses, to achieve higher levels of financial independence, social cohesion and economic development within the community.

The Activties

The project takes place between June 2020 and March 2022. In 2020, the focus is on the research and design of the training curriculum - both the curriculum to be used for the IDPs and the training of Warsan staff to manage the program. In November, a weeklong training-of trainers session took place in Nairobi, where CWW trained Warsan staff.

From 2021 onwards, Warsan will be training multiple cohorts of entrepreneurs in the Bali Mataan community and will be supported by CWW and AAHI to make iterations and improvements to the program.

The Curriculum

In developing the Ganacsi4Change entrepreneurship curriculum, multiple iterations of each lesson were developed in conjunction with feedback and contextualisation from AAHI and Warsan. The entrepreneurship curriculum is split into 3 key topics:

  1. Self-Awareness & Empowerment
  2. Business Skills Development
  3. Learning & Reflection
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