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Scoping the potential in connecting corporates to entrepreneurs with disabilities

We were contracted by Light for the World Uganda to research the current accessibility of private sector tendering and procurement processes in Uganda and to scope the potential for entrepreneurs with disabilities to take part in these bidding processes. The results of the study will be instrumental in assessing the feasibility of future interventions tackling disability inclusion in procurement practices.

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The Challenge

People with disabilities in Uganda are a particularly vulnerable community and those who start an entrepreneurial journey often lack the means and opportunities to grow out of survival mode. At the same time, bigger corporate actors that have a commitment to disability inclusion are currently not considering expanding their commitment to their procurement practises.

The Change

We carried out a study that aimed to assess the potential for collaboration between entrepreneurs with disabilities and corporate actors. We focused on assessing current opportunities from corporations and current efforts undertaken by entrepreneurs with disabilities in developing B2B opportunities. This way we were able to identify all the ingredients needed to bridge the gap between contractors and suppliers. We approached this research with the entrepreneur at the center of our methodology and involved a number of different stakeholders to fully understand the challenges and opportunities these entrepreneurs face.

The Partnership

This study was commissioned by Light for the World Uganda, a leading NGO in the field of disability inclusion, and we worked closely with them at all stages of the project. Through our collaboration with Disability Inclusion Facilitators we were able to access a vast network of small entrepreneurs with disabilities and really connect with them on their struggles and needs. Our research was complemented thanks to the Federation of Uganda Employers and their involvement with corporate actors and policymakers.

The Opportunity

This study paved the way for the development of a capacity building intervention aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with disabilities by improving their capacity to bid for contracts and bring corporates’ commitment to disability inclusion closer to the entrepreneurs.

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